From the press:

“Streeter’s voice features an undercurrent of fragility, and is vulnerable and earnest in delivery. On so many levels, ‘Home Videos’ is relatable.” – LEO Weekly – Six Favorite Local Songs from August” (2017)

“Beautifully angry… Her voice on this track [‘Crotch Crucifix’] particularly really riles me up, almost to the point of flipping tables, which is a bit unusual considering it’s mostly just Sheri and an acoustic guitar.” – Never Nervous (October 2016)

“Gorgeous sounds.” – The Daily Guru (April 2014) 

“Her latest effort… heavily showcase Streeter’s beautiful, sometimes fierce voice and warm acoustic guitar with a bit of decorative piano, atmospheric organ and auxiliary percussion to give each track a bit of added flavor… In a short span of 5 songs, Richer For The Grief, has quite an emotional range emanating sadness, anger and sometimes furious anger.” – Never Nervous – Album of the Week and Interview (August 2017)

“Musicians Attack Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin With Tune ‘Crotch Crucifix’” – Breitbart (June 2016)

From other artists:

“Occasionally delicate, often sparse, frequently melancholic, often times angry folk punk jazz and every other damn thing music.” – Zack Kouns (September 2015)

“Comes on very sweet and soft, then throws in these lyrics that cut so deep.” – Dendera Bloodbath (August 2015)