“Delicate and uncompromising.” – WFPK 91.9 FM (April 2022)

That Shadow Too Am I is a powerful, evocative exploration of human interactions.” – Proglodytes (March 2022) 

“‘The Forest’ may be about personal struggles from before the pandemic… but it does feel as if their new single carries the weight of all of those things.” –Never Nervous (February 2022)

“’Seen And Not Heard’ sees Streeter’s rich, emotionally-complex voice in front of razor-sharp and carefully-layered folk, while the introspective lyrics burn with a subtle intensity throughout the song.” – LEO Weekly (February 2022)

“A quiet seething just under the surface.” – LEO Weekly (July 2022)

“Warm guitars, emotional vocals, and vibrant energy are the hallmark of ‘All the Miles.’”  – Country Queer (April 2022)

“A voice of quiet, strong resolve. Clear and powerful, masking the darkness of [their] lyrics. Songs such as ‘Inside Her’ and ‘Love in the Time of Hate’ speak to the horrors that face women and the queer community in a way that also encourages and bolsters them. These are fighting songs at a time when the fights are the hardest.” – Slugger City Sounds (July 2019)

“This latest effort heavily showcases Streeter’s beautiful, sometimes fierce voice and warm acoustic guitar with a bit of decorative piano, atmospheric organ, and auxiliary percussion to give each track a bit of added flavor… In a short span of 5 songs, [the] Richer For The Grief [EP] has quite an emotional range emanating sadness and sometimes furious anger.” – Never Nervous – Album of the Week / Interview (August 2017)

Louisville Music COVIDiary – WFPK (April 2020)

“The story of Sheri’s Streeter’s new protest song, ‘Love in the Time of Hate'” – LEO Weekly (August 2018)

“Musicians Attack Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin with Tune [‘Inside Her’]” – Breitbart (June 2016) and Washington Times (June 2016)

“Streeter’s voice features an undercurrent of fragility and is vulnerable and earnest in delivery. On so many levels, ‘Home Videos’ is relatable.” – LEO Weekly (August 2017)

“Beautifully angry… their voice on [‘Inside Her’] particularly really riles me up, almost to the point of flipping tables, which is a bit unusual considering it’s mostly just Sheri and an acoustic guitar.” – Never Nervous (October 2016)

“[‘Love in the Time of Hate’] is about the strength it takes to carry empathy in your daily life. In this sense, the song is both beautiful and anxiety inducing. Most of all, it’s real. This is a snapshot of a feeling that doesn’t just go away, even if sometimes you choose to ignore it.” – Never Nervous (August 2018)