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"Beautifully angry." – Never Nervous

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This morning, I performed on air with NP Presley & The Ghost of Jesse Garon.

If you missed it live, you can listen here (we come in around the 21:50 mark).

(P.S. – The station is on an eight-second delay, so every time you hear us shouting, “Hit the button! Hit the button,” we’re referring to the emergency “dump” button stations have to stay FCC compliant with language. Nate tried.)

“I’ll Be Free”

My friend Jake Hellman (Prayer Line) and I started co-writing on a quirky country side-project called Carl Jacob and Sheri Lynn (which is more or less our real names). Louisville is for Lovers released our first single today about getting dumped by text, and we sure hope you like it.

You can buy it locally at Guestroom Records, Matt Anthony Record Store, or order online at Bandcamp.


Carl Jacob and Sheri Lynn

Jake Hellman and I co-wrote a quirky country song as Carl Jacob and Sheri Lynn (pretty much our real names) about getting dumped by text. It’s now streaming on the Louisville is for Lovers comp ahead of the 2/1 release of the CD. Anthony Olympia played slide guitar on this track.

Thanks to John King for putting this all together and LEO Weekly for debuting this. Listen here.

Louisville is for Lovers

I co-wrote a quirky country song about love and breaking up in the digital age under the pseudonym Carl Jacob and Sheri Lynn. It will appear on the 2019 Louisville is for Lovers comp which is set for release Friday, February 1st. Pre-order available now. The CD will come with one of four covers designed by artists at StudioWorks, a local arts program for artists with intellectual and developmental disabilities


Solo Run with Kate Wakefield

My friend and cellist/ex-opera singer Kate Wakefield and I are doing a quick run over the Valentine’s Day weekend. Come catch us in Kentucky and Ohio!

Thu 2/14 – Cincinnati, OH – The Listing Loon – w/ Paige Beller

Fri 2/15 – Portsmouth, OH – MOM’s Basement – w/ Zack Kouns + KerryErin Coattails

Sat 2/16 – Lexington, KY – The Green Lantern – w/ Supercontinents + TBA

Sun 2/17 – Louisville, KY – Surface Noise – w/ Tender Mercy

Flyer: Kate Wakefield

The Dance

Ron Whitehead and The Glass Eye Ensemble featuring Sheri Streeter, with a special appearance by Lina Sanz



a Howard and Nancy Bruner Wilson & sonaBLAST! Records release

Friday, March 1, 2019
at 6-11 pm
with Live Performance at 8 pm

at Tim Faulkner Gallery
991 Logan Street, Louisville, Kentucky, 502-389-0347

Photo: Yunier Ramirez

THE DANCE is seductively brilliant, with 10 new recordings, 5 videos with an art and photography installation by world renowned poet Ron Whitehead in collaboration with The Glass Eye Ensemble featuring Sheri Streeter. The Glass Eye Ensemble includes composer, musician, and theatre artist Gabriel Walker; Cuban filmmaker, photographer, and painter Yunier Ramirez; filmmaker, photographer, and foley artist Tammy Richardson; and portrait painter and animator Purion Parker. The project features singer-songwriter Sheri Streeter.

Photo: Yunier Ramirez

She left Kentucky, departing for the American southwest. She took with her more than the $23 and the ‘46 Dodge pickup he gifted her. In the aftermath, he abandons his bereft life and heads to the New Mexico desert – uncertain if it’s to lose himself, find himself, or kill himself. What he finds there shatters his reality. Nothing will ever be the same.

THE DANCE is a mythic exploration of one woman’s and one man’s journey to recover, to discover their souls—the hero’s journey every seeker must take… if we can find the courage… and if we can survive the journey.

Photo: Yunier Ramirez

A Martyr’s Death

My buddies at Prayer Line invited me to be an extra in their new video for their single “A Martyr’s Death,” an ode to the 1975 horror movie Wicker Man (I’m the bunny in blue). It was a lot of fun and a lot of work, but director Mike Thompson and his crew as well as actress Julie Streble did an amazing job. Check it out!

Ron Whitehead and The Glass Eye Ensemble (featuring Sheri Streeter)

I’m pleased to announce a collaboration with outlaw poet Ron Whitehead and The Glass Eye Ensemble! More details to come…

📸: Yunier Ramirez

Love in the Time of Hate

Thanks to Jake Hellman and Never Nervous for debuting this song.


As the rate of hate crimes continue to increase in the U.S. and a political movement towards homogeny swells, my heart was broken thinking about the prospect of losing those you love most—or yourself becoming a target—as I watched footage from last year’s Charlottesville “Unite The Right” rally in which a white supremacist drove a car into a crowd of people of color and anti-racist activists, murdering Heather Heyer.

May love prevail.

LEO Weekly

LEO Weekly - Sheri Streeter's "Love in the Time of Hate"

Thanks to Syd and the LEO for covering this.