Sheri Streeter

"Beautifully angry." – Never Nervous

Love in the Time of Hate

Thanks to Jake Hellman and Never Nervous for debuting this song.


As the rate of hate crimes continue to increase in the U.S. and a political movement towards homogeny swells, my heart was broken thinkingkit about the prospect of losing those you love most—or yourself becoming a target—as I watched footage from last year’s Charlottesville Unite The Right rally in which a white supremacist drove a car into a crowd of people of color and anti-racist activists, murdering Heather Heyer.

May love prevail.


(Recording engineer / producer / synth / second guitar – Gabriel Walker. Cover art – Fisher Williams. Press photo – Web Ramirez. Mastered by Jamie Innis at Dead Bird Studios.)

LEO Weekly

LEO Weekly - Sheri Streeter's "Love in the Time of Hate"

Thanks to Syd and the LEO for covering this.

New song

Sheri Streeter_Love in the Time of Hate.jpg

On Friday, August 17th, I’m digitally releasing a song called “Love in the Time of Hate” that was inspired by the white supremacist attack on anti-racist protesters at the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, killing activist Heather Heyer last year.

The track is a collaboration with producer/sound designer Gabriel Walker.

It’ll be available on all your favorite and least favorite streaming and download sites (Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music/iTunes, Bandcamp, etc).

[Artwork by Fisher Williams]

Never Nervous Party

This was one of my all time favorite shows at Never Nervous. Thanks to Phillip Olympia, Jake Hellman, and Syd Bishop for hosting us.

Video: Mammoth Set

Never Nervous Mammoth Video.PNG


Never Nervous did a lovely feature on a live video of mine. If you haven’t seen me play with Mark Hamilton, you’re in for a real treat.

ArtxFM Exploded View

ArtxFM’s Exploded View is doing a little feature on yours truly.

Many thanks to the LEO Weekly and Never Nervous

My new release Richer for the Grief  has been well received, and I’m happy to announce that Never Nervous recently named the EP their Album of the Week and the LEO Weekly named “Home Videos” one of their favorite local songs of the month!

Recently I had the opportunity to talk with Phillip Olympia in detail about co-producing the record with Zack Kouns,

There are so many amazing musicians in Louisville, and I’m proud to be part of this community. I’m feeling the love and it’s mutual!