Out Now

That Shadow Too Am I is out now on all your favorite and least favorite sites. The Bandcamp download comes with an exclusive pdf liner note booklet designed by Ryan Patterson, featuring photos by Mickie Winters as well as handwritten lyrics, notes, and drawings from yours truly.

“All the Miles” Premiere

There are many niches in the music community for which I’m grateful. Country Queer is a particularly special one. Many thanks to CQ for their exclusive premiere of my new single ahead of its public release this Friday: “Warm guitars, emotional vocals, and vibrant energy are the hallmark of ‘All the Miles.’”

“Inside Her” [Radio Edit] – Track Premiere

“Inside Her” is considerately renamed from… well, if you follow my music, you certainly know which song I mean. While I stand by the lyrics—which were not written for shock value, per se, but as social commentary—the title has become increasingly awkward to say aloud or to come up in polite company. But The ExplodedContinue reading ““Inside Her” [Radio Edit] – Track Premiere”

“Seen and Not Heard” Track Premiere

“’Seen And Not Heard’ sees Streeter’s rich, emotionally-complex voice in front of razor-sharp and carefully-layered folk, while the introspective lyrics burn with a subtle intensity throughout the song.” This song was the first single I released when I started kicking around the Louisville music scene. The band and I frequently opened or closed our setContinue reading ““Seen and Not Heard” Track Premiere”

“The Forest” Track Premiere

“A lot has happened in the world since the last time we’ve written about Sheri Streeter… ‘The Forest’ may be about personal struggles from before the pandemic… but it does feel as if their new single carries the weight of all of those things.” Surprise!! Never Nervous is premiering the first single (and perhaps my favoriteContinue reading ““The Forest” Track Premiere”