Black Lives Matter

I woke up this morning to reports of police in Louisville tear gassing peaceful crowds with children present, shooting pepper bullets at protesters and media, and targeting medics while first aid supplies. The mayor and governor aren’t doing enough to address the murder of Breonna Taylor, instead setting a curfew and sending in the NationalContinue reading “Black Lives Matter”

Carl Jacob and Sheri Lynn: Bootlegged at Butchertown Social

Jake Hellman approached me some time ago about co-writing some country songs, two things I hadn’t really done before. We had a lot of fun working together and formed a band for one show. Thanks to Billy Lease, Austin Hellman, and Nick Hall for accompanying us, to Jeff Jobson for bootlegging the set, to DaveContinue reading “Carl Jacob and Sheri Lynn: Bootlegged at Butchertown Social”