Louisville, Kentucky based post-folk songstress and guitarist Sheri Streeter performs with a slightly off-balance sweetness that’s at once light and delicate, yet jagged and piercing. An eccentric, unconventional singer-songwriter, Streeter sings atypical melodies loosely grounded in alternate tunings and an off-kilter fingerpicking style. Her lyrics explore ennui and the gift of sadness while perfectly capturing the essence of the moment through empathic storytelling and poetics.

Streeter is currently working on a collaboration with Kentucky outlaw poet Ron Whitehead and the Glass Eye Ensemble art collective. Their multimedia art installation “The Dance” will open at Tim Faulkner Gallery in Louisville on March 1st, 2019 and will run for the full month. Additionally, she is working on a side project called Carl Jacob and Sheri Lynn (their real names). Their delightfully quirky country tune “I’ll Be Free” about breaking up in the digital age appears on the Louisville is for Lovers comp which was released in February 2019. Streeter is also writing and preparing to record with her bandmates Mark Hamilton on lead guitar and Josh Johnson on bass.