“Inside Her” [Radio Edit] – Track Premiere

“Inside Her” is considerately renamed from… well, if you follow my music, you certainly know which song I mean.

While I stand by the lyrics—which were not written for shock value, per se, but as social commentary—the title has become increasingly awkward to say aloud or to come up in polite company.

But The Exploded View‘s Creighton Beryl has been dying to play the least FCC-friendly song I’ve ever written on ArtxFM. So, I’ve been mulling over for some time what a tender-ears version might sound like without compromising the integrity of the song—which would exclude pretty much all of the lyrics.

So, we had to get a little creative with this radio edit.

Check out the exclusive premiere of the “clean” version between 2:00-5:00 pm EST on WXOX 97.1 FM.

You can also stream online: https://www.artxfm.com/listen/

EDIT: The track is now available to stream and download.

Published by Sheri Streeter